• Your Wedding Planning Timeline

    Anyone can plan their own wedding but they should realize there will be a great deal of work involved. They should also realize there is a general timeline which should be followed to ensure tasks are completed on time. This article will provide a basic timeline for the year leading up to the cou... View Post

  • Wedding Vows

    You should take your time when deciding on your wedding vows and personalize them to suit you and your partner and don't be influenced by what other people expect you to do.This is one of the most important parts of the wedding because it is after the recital of your vows that you will be officia... View Post

  • Setting a Date for Your Wedding

    Sometimes one of the hardest decisions a couple will have to make in regards to their wedding is the date for the wedding. The bride to be may eagerly blurt out yes when the groom to be proposes marriage, the couple may be positive they want to have their wedding in a certain location and the bri... View Post

  • Planning Your Wedding

    If you are like most women, you have been planning your wedding since you were just a little girl. As you grew up you probably went through hundreds or maybe even thousands of scenarios for your wedding. From the style of your dress to the theme of your wedding, these may have changed as you grew... View Post


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