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Real Brides | Vanessa

Real Brides | Vanessa

My husband, Sascha, and I are together for more than 10 years, I am 26 years old and he (was) 28. He asked me in marriage on the beach in the Maldive Islands. I spend a lot of time and of love to prepare our wedding.


It was the 27th of May, we had really chance because the weather was beautiful, big sun and hot, 28 degrees, it is not usual in May in Switzerland ;-)

The ceremony took place in the Catholic Church of Lutry (near from Lausanne in Switzerland), it is the place where I grew up, it is really very nice place by the Léman lake. Then we had an apéritif in vine, wonderful place with a beautiful view on the lake. After we had dinner in a nice hotel, and big party :-)

I received this nice jewel from my sister Fanny, she is my witness and she was with me for all the preparations, so as soon as I liked something I sent her a photo (a dress, an idea, a decoration - so about 10 times per day :-)) and when I had seen the jewel (on pinterest I think) and I had sent her a photo "wouaou soooo beautiful I want to order it" !! One time we were to the beach and she took out a package of her bag and gave it to me without comment, it was funny because I really did not expect it ! I was soooo happy and I was my first wedding surprise, a lot of emotion !

The hairdresser who set up me the jewel found it beautiful, we made some tries, on the side of the head was the most beautiful and where you see it good. I received a lot of compliment on my clothing and my accessories, my dress was sober so the jewel was very visible. With the hairstyle and the veil it was just perfect !!


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